Business secrets about money, that most physicians were never taught.

As doctors, we were never taught about money in medical school. We have been purposely kept in the dark, while the people around us are working less and becoming more wealthy.

We assumed that by doing good for others, we ourselves would be rewarded.

  • We assumed that because we have a high salary, we would never run out of money.

  • Most of us grew up thinking that even talking about money was a bad thing.

  • Most of us were taught that the pursuit of money was for shallow people.

  • Unfortunately, we have ignored our financial education, to our peril.

Physicians today face huge challenges in a rapidly changing healthcare environment:

  • Declining reimbursement

  • Regulation and compliance overload

  • Evermore patient demands and never enough time to help them

We trusted our financial advisers, to guide us in saving for our eventual retirement goals.

In reality, we are putting money into their pockets and they really have nothing to lose. They charge us a fee, whether they make money for us or not, and if we lose everything, they lose nothing.

At Red Pill Kapital, we are physicians just like you.

Our mission is to empower you, as a physician investor, by providing you with a clear and concise map to navigate real investments:

  • that help you reduce your taxes

  • that keep pace with inflation

  • that are passive so you can focus on your true passion to help patients